About Karelia Station

Kareliea Station is an environmentally sustainable vineyard and wetland situated near Wigley Flat along the Murray River in South Australia. The land was originally cleared and operated as a sheep and wheat farm for almost 100 years until the Saville family took over in 2003. Over the years vineyards have been planted and significant revegetation of the land has been undertaken with many of the areas native species once again inhabiting the area.

Our Team

Karelia Station is a family business owned an operated by Mick Saville and son Troy Saville.

Mick Saville – Business Manager

email: mick@kareliastation.com.au

phone: 0417 876 626

Troy Saville – Vineyard Manager

email: troy@kareliastation.com.au

phone: 0417 876 626




Hectares of Land

  • Grape Vines

  • Vegetation and Wetland

Karelia Station is a 256 hectare mixed land use farm with only 50 hectares of vines. Much of the area has been re-vegetated and the wetland contains many old grove mallee tress which have been there since before the land was settled.


Karelia Station grows six main varieties of grapes including Merlot, Chardonnay, Muscat Blanc, Pinot Gris and Grenache.


Grape Varieties


Tonnes of Grapes Grown